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The work of Pierre Jean Giloux is positionned in the convergence of several practices: the space/volume and the images.
His videos are the results of associations and hybridizations. He develops by means of the digital techniques one Work of collage, editing. His visual and sound compositions sometimes include sequences in 2D and 3D animationThe graphic interventions on the images allows him to modify the perception of the reality and so to create " reconstructed worlds ".
He likes making the virtual live to both establish and question dialogue with reality.
The exhibition or the projection of its films are made as immersives installations, where the spectator is invited to roam inside multi-devices screens. The borders between computer generated images and real images become blurred and give free rein to the observer to invent his own story.
He also show his movies as mono band projection within the framework of festivals videos and of digital arts.

Invisible Cities, 2015-2017 form a video tetralogy which paints a portrait of several Japanese cities and questions the notions of urban landscapes.These forward-looking fictions have Japanese urban and social realities filmed and photographed for sources, then extended by computer generated images, that we have named: the increased reality.
Pierre-Jean Giloux was invited in artists residences such as Tokyo Wonder Site, in Koganecho Bazaar, Yokohama, then In the Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto, where he realized the movie « Stations », the fourth and last part of Invisible Cities.

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