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Pierre Jean Giloux's work lies at the convergence of several practices : space / volume and images. His videos are the results of associations and hybridizations. Using digital techniques, he develops a collage and editing work that sometimes includes animated sequences in 2 and 3 d.

The graphic interventions on his images allow him to create "reconstructed worlds" that modify the perceptions of reality. The challenge is to make the virtual and the real cohabit in an infra-thin interstice, in order to establish a dialogue and to question them.

The exhibition and projection of his films take the form of immersive installations, where the spectator is invited to wander inside multi-screen devices. The associations of images give the viewer free rein to invent and compose his or her own narratives. He also projects his films in the framework of video and digital arts festivals.

Interested in urban forms and their developments, his prospective fictions have as starting points the urban and social realities filmed and photographed and then extended by synthetic images, what is commonly called: augmented reality.

He conceived "Invisible Cities" during his residency at the Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto in 2015. This video tetralogy paints portraits of several Japanese cities and revisits the latest modern utopia: the metabolist movement.

Currently and following a residency in India in 2020 (Kochi Biennale and Alliance Française de Trivandrum) he is working on his new project : "Biomimetics".

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